Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vanquish: Rocket-Sliding Into Our Hearts

Is this the real rockstar of third person shooters?

 On paper, Vanquish is likely to get eyes rolling into the back of heads; in SEGA's new game you're a grizzled, cocky space marine in a mech-suit, and it's your job to lead an all-American army against hordes of Russian robots. There is, as you'd expect, cover-based gunplay and rechargeable health – you'd be forgiven for thinking that over the past couple of years you've played this game countless times before.

 It's the other details in the description that you need to be mindful of, though. Vanquish is the fourth game from Platinum, its second HD outing after Bayonetta, and pulling the strings are none other than Shinji Mikami and Atsuhsi Inaba, the two men behind – respectively – Resident Evil and Okami. With that heritage you can expect the unexpected; you may well have played dozens of other cover-based third-person shooters, but you've never played anything like Vanquish.

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