Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dragon Age Origins: Witch Hunt Preview

The witch of the wilds returns for a last romp in Ferelden. 
After getting my hands on Dragon Age 2, there was really only one thing BioWare could've done to get me back into Dragon Age: Origins – make a DLC pack focused on Morrigan. Luckily for me and anybody else who was a fan of the witch, that's exactly what BioWare has planned as the very last piece of downloadable content for Origins.

Occurring around a year after the ending of Dragon Age: Origins, Witch Hunt will give players some perspective on why Morrigan left the party on such a mysterious note. You can either import your hero from Origins or start up a completely new character, but in this case importing a character that had any kind of relationship (friendly, antagonistic or romantic) with her makes the most sense. Dalish Elf Grey Wardens will also experience a slightly unique segment as this story fills in some of the lore surrounding that race.

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