Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PSP2 dev kits widely released - Report

Sony prepping for "significant launch window lineup" for second portable, according to online reports. 
Each month since the NPD Group ceased tracking PlayStation 2 figures, the PSP has been dead last in the industry-research group's monthly hardware rankings. However, the platform's life-to-date sales of 62 million units have convinced Sony to make grand plans for its successor, according to an article in Develop.

The UK-based magazine today reported that Sony has distributed software development kits to "key studios." Further details on the scope of the release were not outlined, other than to say it was in preparation of a "significant launch window lineup" for the platform. When exactly that launch window would be was not made public, and Sony reps declined to comment on what they consider "rumor and speculation."

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  1. I guess it IS about time for a new handheld from Sony. Hopefully they've learned from their mistakes with the PSP. Its library has been improving lately, so hopefully that bodes well for the next generation.

  2. I love my PSP but it's not the same compared to today's newer gadgets. Function and performance should be at the top of their list. I'd like them to aim for a sleek but sturdy design. Also, something that's elite gamer worthy and still possible for kids to enjoy could help them out. Like with customizable features. Kinda like an iphone but NO. Then it'd also be cheaper because those features wouldn't be included with the system and you'd have choices on what you wanted on there. And it'd be cool if the menu would spin or something clever. Come on SONY! Let me believe!!!