Thursday, September 16, 2010

TGS: How Far Has Kinect Come in One Year?

Reflections after a year of Kinect demos.
It was at E3, mid-year of 2009, that Microsoft formally unveiled Kinect. It wasn't until the Tokyo Game Show a few months later that I got my first opportunity to try out Kinect. A year has passed since that event and I'm now back in Tokyo for the 2010 version of that show, once again stepping up to the camera for more controller-free gaming. A lot has happened since then with major announcements coming at every press show. Perhaps more importantly, it appears the game designers have learned a lot and improved a lot in that time. What started as a promise is now very close to being a reality...

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  1. Can it read people's movements now? That was one of the problems, am I right?

  2. Kinect is going to fail hard, I think.