Friday, September 3, 2010

What does Move Bring to Traditional Games?

 Ubisoft's Ruse shows what Move can do.

The key difference between Move and Kinect – at the moment at least – is that Move is far more obviously suited to existing game genres; it's got buttons and an analogue stick. Create a Kinect game and you've got to design it from the ground up for body-control, but Move can be used as an optional accompaniment to a DualShock rather than a forced alternative.

As Move inventors and evangelists Dr Richard Marks and Beautiful Anton have demonstrated it's perfect for the RTS – a genre that traditionally doesn't do so well on consoles without the speed and precision of mouse control. Ubisoft's Ruse is the first game to try it out, offering a Move-aided point-and-click control option as well as plain old pad control. But does it work?

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