Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wii Remote getting built-in Motion Plus?

Since-pulled GameStop listing for FlingSmash indicates Nintendo will update console's defining controller with precision-enhancing tech.
What we heard: With the PlayStation Move's launch last week and Kinect's November 4 release creeping ever closer, Nintendo finally has real competition in the motion-sensing console wars. One of the steps toward keeping itself competitive appears to be an update to the Wii Remote, one in which the precision-enhancing Motion Plus add-on loses its add-on status.

Today, Nintendo Life claims to have spotted just that, courtesy of a GameStop listing for Nintendo's FlingSmash. As exhibited in box art (pictured) for the $50 title, Nintendo will be packing in a "Wii Remote Plus" with copies of the game when it goes on sale in November. 

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