Monday, August 30, 2010

NHL Slapshot Review (Wii)

Skeptical about another peripheral? Don't be. This is fun hockey on Wii.

As soon as EA Sports revealed the Wii-exclusive extension of its NHL franchise – and the fact that it uses a specially bundled "assemble it yourself" plastic hockey stick peripheral – I was immediately skeptical that this game would be worth the plastic it'll bundle. Apart from Nintendo's own Wii Sports franchise, designers have yet to nail Wii remote/nunchuk motion for an immersive experience, and EA Sports' solution – docking a Wii remote and nunchuk in a hockey stick – seemed highly dubious. But after playing the game extensively, I'm sold. NHL Slapshot isn't going to take the place of a true video hockey experience for the die-hard sports fan, but it's hard to deny that it's a whole lot of fun swinging a stick for high powered shots and devastating body checks.

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